LCS RISE Institute


Experimental Science: Medicine

Do you want to be a doctor, nurse, technician, or biomedical engineer? Great! This honors high school Pre-Medicine elective is for you.

Don't want to be a physician, tech, or health support specialist, but want to engage in challenging work and interesting conversations? This course will stretch you to consider bioethical questions and practical considerations in healthcare.


Some of the main objectives, experiences, and content reviewed are summarized:

  • a blended environment pairing flexible online course content with hands-on, real-world experiences

  • connection to the local healthcare resources

  • biomedical engineering, genetics, and innovative technology

  • considering ethical dilemmas in healthcare through a Biblical worldview

  • anatomy and physiology
  • independent/team research component that meets a real community need or solves a problem

  • community service opportunities

  • challenge, relevance, and intellectual stimulation

  • résumé building and preparation